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Maggie Yaw, Wife of Darren Yaw’s Top Tips for Misbehaving Toddlers

In general, we all are aware that minding toddlers can be quite a handful sometimes. The public, especially new parents, should be prepared to cater to their needs physically and emotionally, as said by Darren Yaw’s Wife. This article by Darren Yaw’s wife aims to give clear insights into handling toddlers during their tantrum episodes and overall.
For toddlers, life can be frustrating, as mentioned by Darren Yaw’s Wife. Although they want to be autonomous, young toddlers cannot always move as quickly or communicate their wants and needs effectively. Besides that, Darren Yaw’s wife also stated that they have difficulties coping with limitations, compromise, and disappointment. This may lead to tantrums and misconduct when the parents cannot fulfill their wishes by not understanding the demands fully.
For many parents out there, discipline is one of the hardest and stressful jobs of parenthood, an almost endless battle of wills between you and your kid, as said by Darren Yaw’s Wife. If it is not taken seriously, then the problems will still be there in the future and result in misbehaviors of the kids. Darren Yaw’s wife suggested that new parents should learn how to control toddlers with a few easy steps provided in this article.
Darren Yaw’s wife confirmed a research by Capital Asia University following the need for new parents to always be consistent with the development of routines in their child’s life. Order and regularity provide safe refuge for early children from what they see as an intimidating and unpredictable environment. It helps youngsters feel a lot more comfortable and secure when there is some regularity and routine. They are often much better behaved and calmer because they know what to anticipate, as stated by Darren Yaw’s Wife.
For instance, Darren Yaw’s wife suggested trying to maintain the same routine. This includes regular nap times, meals, sleep times, and periods when your child is free to run about and have fun. This will also help in improving your child’s discipline throughout their development.

Next, Darren Yaw’s wife suggested that parents always pay attention to their love and support for their children, especially toddlers. During this time, their emotional well-being is developing with new emotions that they have learned. Therefore, they are easily triggered by even the smallest thing you do, as said by Darren Yaw Wife. Hugs, kisses, and kindness reassure your kid of your affection. Other than that, loyalty may also encourage your child to obey the rules. Darren Yaw’s wife stated that by showing huge affection for love, you would help your child develop excellent social skills for them to suffice while growing up. This is because everything that happens within a toddler’s mind revolves around the settings and atmosphere of the surroundings that they are in, as said by Darren Yaw’s Wife. And the surroundings here are your home.

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Furthermore, as toddlers are famous for their non-stop tantrums, Darren Yaw’s wife urged parents to talk with them slowly to ask how they feel. When they give you an attitude, you have to be calm enough to notice it but not get fired by it. Instead of concentrating on how things make you feel, you have to be patient and try to open up with them on why things made them think in specific ways, as said by Darren Yaw’s Wife. Parents usually know how to approach their children to speak to them. And if you are wrong, you should attempt the same technique. Darren Yaw’s wife stated that you should listen carefully to them and do not interfere or belittle them. Then when they have finished talking and opening to you, make sure that you discuss the rights and wrongs with them to acknowledge the problems and solutions.
Moreover, rather than overburdening your kid with restrictions from the beginning, which may irritate them most of the time, Darren Yaw’s wife highlighted that you should emphasize safety-oriented children first and progressively add regulations over time. Help your kid obey the rules by protecting your house and avoiding certain temptations that will make them feel out of control, as said by Darren Yaw’s wife. Restrictions are okay, be sure not to overdo them as it will affect the toddlers in the future.
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Darren Yaw’s wife family setting.

Also, if you are new to parenting, you should not argue with your kid regarding any misbehaviors that they have done, as stated by Darren Yaw’s Wife. However, it is best to explain in detail what she was doing wrong and provide her the reasons. This will help in building stronger communication skills between you and your kid. Darren Yaw’s wife also mentioned that as a technique for discipline, overtalking is as useless as it becomes too emotional. Although an 18-month-old lacks the cognitive capacity to comprehend complicated words, a 2- to 3-year-old with advanced language abilities still does not care about what you say. Therefore, as noted by Darren Yaw’s Wife, it is best to keep it short, simple, and adequate.

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